Dupla de rappers está de volta com música que vai direto ao ponto

Como havia antecipado, Cardi B lançou uma nova música em parceria com Megan Thee Stallion. “Bongos” é uma faixa pesada, com ritimo forte e pra lá de insinuante, com sua letra e clipe que abrem mão de maiores sutilezas e vão direto ao ponto.Assim, não é difícil enxergá-la como uma espécie de “WAP”, o hit de 2020 da dupla, parte 2. Se “Bongos” vai fazer o mesmo sucesso será preciso esperar para ver. O que podemos afirmar, é que a recepção nesse primeiro momento está bem alta. O clipe rapidamente chegou ao seu primeiro milhão de visualizações no YouTube.Ouça:Confira também a letra:”Bongos (Feat. Megan Thee Stallion)”(Belcalis Almanzar, Breyan Isaac, Carlos Londono, Chaniah Kelley, Donny Flores, James D. Steed, Jordan Thorpe, Megan Pete)Bong-bong-bong (We good?)Bong-bong-bong-bong-bong (Like a drum)Bong-bong-bong-bong-bong-bong-bong (Haha, this is fire)Bong-bong-bong-bong-bongNigga, eat this ass like a plum (Plum)This pussy tight like a nun (Nun)Better chew it up like it’s gum (Gum)Then wipe your mouth when you done (Okay)I’m hot like Nevada, pussy get popped, piñataBitch, I look like money (Like money)You could print my face on a dollarBeat it up (Bong-bong-bong)Beat it up (Bong-bong-bong)Beat it up (Bong-bong-bong)Beat it up (Bong), okayFive, four, three, two, one, lift off (Hey)Honey, I’m home, shoes gettin’ kicked off (Uh)Every time I turn around, a bitch pissed off (Ah-ha)Little dusty ass hoes need a lint brush (Woo)You gon’ settle down, you gon’ livе with him (What?)I don’t even wanna post a pic with him (No)The bag hе just bought me was a Goyard (Goyard)That ain’t your nigga, he is both oursPussy tight like a nun (Nun)Countin’ up hundreds with my thumb (Thumb)I don’t care where you from (From)Better beat this shit like a drum (Okurrr)Don’t be talkin’ shit like you know me (Woo)I ride dick like a pony, girlThat nigga look like a brokey (Real hot girl shit)Go and fuck with his homie, he a— (Ah)This ass sit like the stallion,all these wannabes my lil’ poniesThese hoes camped out in the comments,always talkin’ like they know me (Ayy)Thick bitches in the black truck, packed inEat whoever in my way, Ms. PacmanHermes, made a real big purchasePurse so big, had to treat it like a personBad bitch (Bad bitch) in real life (In real life)Show me real love (Yeah, yeah),give a fuck about them likes (‘Bout them likes)Bitch tryna say, “I ain’t fine,” oh, aightThey know I’m thick like I’m eatin’ beans with the riceLike lean over ice, got the real meat pies(Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah)I be spillin’ like my ass out these jeans when they tight(Yeah, uh, yeah)And the way they watch me, need to be monetized (Ah)I’ma need a money bag if I sleep overnightWait, wait (Hold up), wait, wait (Hold up), waitHoes pop pills, but I’m the one they can’t take (Yeah)Hot girl shit, I’ma make somethin’ shake (Brrt)I know these stiff hoes can’t relate (Ah)Shoot your shot like a free throwJust know this pussy ain’t free, thoughMy BD is a Migo, bitch, your BD is a zeroMy back shots sound like bongosI ain’t scared to admit, I’m a freak ho (Ah)At least I’m gettin’ my money (Yeah)Y’all hoes broke,pussy took more turns than a key hole (Hahaha)It didLike a bunI’ma throw it back like it’s ThursdayI got cake, I’m lit, it’s my birthday, ahDon’t ride it on my knees, bitch, I ride it on my toes (Uh)Big fat ass, it be eatin’ up the thongGot a garage full of foreign cars that I never drove (Yeah)A bitch couldn’t school me with a student loanI’m so sexy, I could Met Gala in a robe (Robe)I could body every look and I could body every pose (Yes)Neck full of diamonds, yeah, I’m forever frozeWill Cardi ever fall off? Bitch, we’ll never know (Woo)Beat it upWaitBitch, I’m hot like Nevada, pussy get popped, piñata (Bop)Lookin’ like money (Cold),you could print my face on a dollar (Okurrr)This pussy, DominicanaThis pussy, Americana, ayySi tú quiere’ que te toma, tomaBought a couple cribs on my own, I’m a ownerBeat it upReal hot girl shitLa Cardi (Ah)Sem tradução cadastrada

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